Electronic dobby

The liftplan for an electronic dobby can be made by using third party weaving software. Via a USB cable connection or a wireless connection (only Megado) the shaft selection will be sent to the dobby hooks. The pictures show the Louët Octado. The new Megado Dobby 2 interface provides new possibilities.

Process of preparation and weaving on an electronic dobby:

  • Dobby liftplan: make a liftplan using weaving software or the built-in software of the Dobby 2 (Megado only). There are no limits in the length of the liftplan.
  • The selection will be sent electronically to the solenoids. The solenoids will push the dobby hooks in selection mode.
  • The next pick will be activated as soon as the weaving pedal is in the up-position. No further actions are required. 
  • You can easily change the direction of the liftplan. 

Considerations in choosing the electronic dobby

  • The electronic dobby will give you almost unlimited harness combinations using a computer and weaving software from Fiberworks PCW, Patternland, Weavemaker, WeaveIt, WeavePoint or ProWeave. All these work with the Louët electronic interface.
  • You can use the weaving software to program the repeats of the weaving blocks in the liftplan.
  • The weaving software will send the selection of next pick automatically as soon as the pedal is in the up-position. No extra action is required.
  • Easy handling: the possibilities depend on the weaving software you are using.
  • Using a dobby requires a computer device with weaving software. Only the new Megado 2 has an internal dobby computer which can be managed without weaving software using the web interface of your internet browser on your tablet or computer.
  • Most multishaft weavers are using some kind of weaving software.
  • Service, support and updates of the weaving software are the responsibility of the publisher of the weaving software.
  • Electronic Dobby support is advised if you use 16 or more shafts, because the mechanical dobby will limit the length of the liftplan.

Dobby 2 - wireless

Louët Dobby 2 is the new electronic dobby interface for the Louët Megado. It is still possible to manage the dobby by using weaving software and USB-connection.

The Dobby 2 can also be used with a wireless connection. Built-in dobby software can be connected via your internet browser on your tablet or PC. 

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