All dobby looms from Louët are available with electronic or mechanical control. When purchasing a dobby loom you make the choice for one of the two systems.

With the mechanical dobby you program the pattern by transferring the shaft selection pattern to the program bars. The program bars are provided with numbered holes, which correspond to the shafts. By inserting pegs into these holes, you determine which shafts are pulled up. The dobby bars are linked together like a chain. The program bar chain therefore consists of as many dobby bars as the number of picks in one weft repeat. 

The electronic dobby is controlled by a computer. There are no limits for the number of picks within a pattern repeat. You can also pre-program the repetitions of ranges of the weft pattern. For the design and the weaving connection you need a computer with weaving software.

The new Louet Dobby 2.0 can also be controlled via web software on PC, tablet or IPad. This system is only available for the Megado.