Louet dobby 2

What's new and improved compared to the Louet electronic Dobby

  • Basic sound level of the Louët Dobby 2 is nihil. At the ' old ' Dobby was always the sound of the fan to hear. The Louët Dobby 2 requires less cooling because a separate power adapter is enclosed
  • The Louët Dobby can be controlled wirelessly (without USB cable) from the Web browser on a tablet (for example, IPad or Android tablet) or from the PC.
  • The Louët Dobby 2 interface software does not depend on versions of the operating system or weaving software. The software is built into the Dobby and can be updated remotely by Louët if there are new versions.
  • The Louët Dobby 2 can also be operated directly from weaving software via USB connection. Then the Dobby works exactly like the previously described electronic Dobby.
  • The Louët Dobby 2 is only available for the Megado

July 2020: a software update to version 2.2  is available and can be updated remotely. To get your update : please contact support@louet.zendesk.com