Coming soon....

Update for your Dobby 2 to the new software version 2.1 with interesting new en improved features in the web interface software:

  • changing weaving direction
  • sound on color change, end of loop and/or after a predefined number of picks
  • make you own plain weave definition
  • switch between plain and pattern weave
  • file management 
  • color management

At this moment we are testing and solving the last 'small failures' in this new version.

We are also working on the new more extensive installation manual and a separate web interface instruction manual.

Apologies for the delay and we will inform you about the update procedure as soon as possible

february 2019

Registering your dobby

This website is still under construction. In the near future you will be able to register your Dobby 2 on this website. For this you need the serial number of the Dobby 2, which you can find on a label beneath the solenoids.

Questions about your Dobby 2

You can use this form to ask your questions about your Dobby